The programme has been exclusively designed for our members. All you have to do is recommend Assetz to your friends, family members or colleagues. If any of them do book an Assetz home, you will be rewarded!
We will be more than happy to welcome you back! The Assetz loyalty programme also rewards customers who choose to re-invest with us. Never before offers at never before prices await you!
We have a range of rewards for you and your friends! As an Assetz customer you get to enjoy the following benefits-
  • Be notified about latest offers and events
  • Be part of the exclusive rewards programme
  • Get invited to special previews of our latest launches
As a customer of Assetz, you are entitled to local area and city wide benefits from various brands. These benefits can be in the form of discounts from local brands, offers, events and more.
Step 1:Provide the details of your referral by either:
  1. Filling the referral form on our website.
  2. Sending your referral details to

Step 2: We will get in touch with your referral(s) and introduce them to the Assetz residential portfolio, along with the offers and benefits available to them.

Step 3: Once the person you have referred books an Assetz home, you get rewarded!
1: Referral will be applicable for relevant offers if the booking is confirmed during that period.
2: Offers/ rewards are not applicable on cancellations.
1. The referrer must mandatorily register his/her referee through any one of the following modes of registration 2. The referrer will be notified of their eligibility for the bonus via email by Assetz Property Group only if the referee registered is deemed as a new lead as per the database.
3. If the referee is pre-existing in the database, the referrer will not be eligible for any kind of referral bonus whatsoever.
4. Referrer can claim the referral bonus, only if the referee is the primary applicant inn the booking form.
5. Referral bonus will be paid within 60 days from the referee completing the booking process by paying 20% down payment.