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Designed to help you live your best life, the range of social and fitness–based amenities available for residents is extensive. Large-scale amenities such as the basketball court, tennis court, the skating rink and more can be readily accessed at 63˚East.


3 Badminton Courts
Squash court
Squash Court
2 Gymnasiums
Table tennis
Table Tennis
Basketball court
Basketball Court
Yoga deck
Yoga Deck
Pool tables
Pool Tables
Cycling +
Walking Path
Swimming pools
5 Swimming Pools
(Includes 2 Kids Pools)
Aerobics Studio
Aerobics Studio
Steam & changing rooms
Steam & Changing Rooms
Futsal Court
Futsal Court
Tennis court
Tennis Court
Skating Rink
Skating Rink
Volley ball court
Volleyball Court


Work Space
Work Space
(Indoor & Outdoor)
Bus Bay
Bus Bay
Kids play area
Kids Play Area
Party hall with pantry
Party Hall
with Pantry
Salon & Spa
Provision for
Salon & Spa
Terrace With Seating & Provision For Barbeque
Organic Farming
Dedicated Organic
Farming Space
Provision for Retail
| ATM | Laundromat | Store
Multi-Utility Furnished Space
with Provision for
Coffee Shop | Board Games | Library
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