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The Here & Now apartments near Embassy Manyata Business Park are proof that design today matters more than ever. Generation Now looks for a New York city vibe. One where lofts, apartments, campus dwellings, lounge spaces and other high-octane urban sanctuaries enhance lifestyles.

Here & Now is inspired by this high energy and innovation. Where structures, spaces and lifestyles come together to create a positively charged space that is productive and a pleasure to live in.


After studying social space networks, we crafted two distinct 'realms' - areas of space, interaction and design. Both complementing each other, yet beautifully distinct in its offerings.



Here & Now is designed to make one feel the contemporary nature of its space. This is evident right at the entry area where both the 'realms' are visible in stark, yet symbiotic contrast. The space around is designed to encourage movement with pedestrianised walkways and no vehicular traffic. The structures echoes the contemporary philosophy with a façade that incorporates the monochromatic layering of moveable louvers.


The inner and outer realms at Here & Now are designed to be contained, yet connected in a seamless manner. The entry way leads one to the inner realm, comprising the quadrangle courtyard that flows into the double-height lobbies of the residential towers that are further connected to the distinct, vibrant clubhouse. Beyond that lies the outer realm, a well-planned open space that houses a range of lifestyle facilities.

The Entrance Canopy

The entry way to Here & Now comprises a canopy that works both as a design element and a thoughtful, functional space. An area where waiting for a car or a friend is made comfortable. The thought of making the area friendly to the inhabitant starts from here, followed by entries into the separate areas for homes and facilities.

Quadrangle Court

The central space has been designed to be a courtyard with thoughtfully crafted features. Add to this the presence of people, and you get a space that is buzzing with energy. In order to bring this alive, we’ve used a delicate balance of hardscape, landscape, sculptural and textural qualities.

Rather than a conventional landscape-paths-and-lobby approach, we sought to activate the court so it becomes an interactive space. Most importantly we devised a screen around the court which contains the experience and helps in scaling the open space to a more intimate level. In addition to this, various seating areas, lounging spaces and canopies were added to aid in making the space an informal destination for the residents. The plants and soft-scaping accentuates the idea and makes it more hospitable. The entire court/quadrangle is pedestrianised, encouraging people to walk/run/jog/cycle through, and across the open spaces.

The spine (the central space) is intended to be a hub within the larger quadrangle concept. The spine is a socially active space that is meant to be a high-energy gathering point for individuals. This is done with a play of textural and structural elements. The spine is interpersed with sculptures and water bodies to make it more informal and inviting.

The Inner Façade

The inner façade comprises a perforated screen that works both as a fine design feature and as a distinction of sorts. The screen extends up to two floors, and transforms into an ethereal structure when lit from within.

Double-height Lobbies

The inner realm also comprises the entrance lobbies of the two residential towers. These bright and welcoming spaces are lounges filled with plush interiors and are designed for residents to greet and spend time with visitors. The well-designed space offers the perfect ambience to offer the ideal first impression of the place where one stays.



Designed to look like a glowing box, the clubhouse serves as a bridge connecting the two towers that’s filled with facilities and vibrant design sensibilities. The lobby connects the quadrangle with the outer realm.

The Clubhouse Façade

The façade of the clubhouse is wrapped with a skin of light, colour and texture – inviting people in with its young and exuberant aura. The skin of the clubhouse is a brise-soleil in terracotta and polychromatic coloured glass, letting light and shadow through the space in multi-coloured hues.

The Clubhouse Deck

The roof of the clubhouse serves as a vantage point, a viewing deck that visually connects all the public spaces of Here & Now. The amenities here include the party hall, the gym and the pool table. It also offers the perfect spot to make the most of the city’s enviable weather.


The outer realm is a much larger space dedicated to offering activities in a well-planned layout. It has also been designed to offer smaller, more intimate spaces within the larger expanse. These include pergolas at appropriate intervals, canopies, viewing decks and an outdoor amphitheatre. The activities are designated in such a manner that the sequence flows into one another. Activities and features here include a half basketball court, a mini football court, beach volleyball, a badminton court, amphitheatre, jogging track, open air yoga deck, a multiplay lawn with amphitheatre-style seating, a kids play area, a lounging lawn and a barbeque area.




In keeping with the stark, stylish urban personality of Here & Now, the façade is predominantly clean and functional. Ornamentation and faux decoration have been deliberately avoided and chic moveable aluminium louvers add a functional layer of ease to the windows of the apartment units. The colour palette has been maintained neutral with highlights in niches and offsets to add character to the façade.

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