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A well-planned living space doesn’t just include the ideal balance of finely designed homes, facilities and landscaped goodness; it includes the detailing and creation of subtly concealed, brilliantly efficient and existing infrastructural details that add to the value of the property and the quality of lifestyle.

Electricity Systems

Dedicated transformer substation for each stage of development. Strategically located to minimise transmission and distribution loses.

Electric Lines

Underground power distribution lines with feeder pillars for easy tap-off. Sleeve provision from feeder pillar to individual villa.


Infrastructure provisions to facilitate multi-operator connectivity.

Road Network

To ensure highway-standard, maintenance-free roads and easy drainage of rainwater, there are white-top roads with grooves laid on well-compacted subgrade that is stabilised with RBI compound.

Street Architecture

Street architecture designed on par with global standards with a 6-metre carriage way, 2.4-metre car park in front of villas for visitors and a 1-metre walkway finished with natural stone on both sides in addition to landscaped areas on either sides.

Storm Water

Storm water of surface run-off is collected through cross drains and connected to golf course drain network and harvesting system.

Water Network

Centralised water storage sump equipped with water treatment plant and effective piping design to provide uniform pressure and flow throughout the development.

Street Lights

Energy efficient LED street light fixture with programmable controlled timer.

Sewage Network

Sewage is collected through a network and treated at STP (Sewage treatment plant). It is then reused for irrigation on the golf course.

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