Walk amidst this wonderland.
You won't believe that it's your home.

By leaving the woodland untouched, we can enable nature to reclaim a land that was once lost in time. In return, this woodland rewards us with fresher, healthier air and better quality living.
Improved Air Quality
For decades, studies have shown that living near a dense cover of trees leads to fresher air, better mental health and a happier life.
Temperature Regulation
With the trees continuously replenishing the air, the atmosphere will remain cooler and the air will remain crisper.
A forest brings biodiversity. The forest within our gates will soon be the venue for a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna, creating a thriving ecosystem that will make our grounds and its inhabitants flourish.
Scenic Views
As far as the eye can see, you'll see a lovely cover of green, making for a picturesque backdrop and a serene mental picture.
Water Conservation
From rainwater collection pits to the pond to water treatment pits, every drop of water will be collected and reused.



And 15,000 sq. ft. of Miyawaki Forest
The Miyawaki is symbolic of the role trees play in our lives. Their importance stems far beyond beauty. Their enormous existence in your environment revitalises your life, improves air quality, and builds a rich ecosystem that replenishes nature.

Benefits of living at Melodies of Life

A Breath of Fresh Air
An abundance of trees helps absorb carbon dioxide from the air, purifying the atmosphere.
Shine a Light
Alternate street lights will be smart poles that run on solar power and reduce energy consumption.
A Steady Stream of Life
Water collection and treatment enable the reuse of water to nurture the soil and the trees.
The Water Recycle
The water you consume gets treated onsite and is reused to irrigate the landscapes.

Walk into a whole universe of experiences

Life here is a series of opportunities to live a vibrant life, full of meaningful sights, sounds and pursuits. Physical wellbeing. Crystal clear clarity. Emotional richness. Melodies of Life is built to show you just how much you can get from the earth.