The Details

“The science of the art.”


38 & Banyan is set on a green and tree-filled plot, a little over an acre in size. It has twenty-nine 3 BHKs and nine 4 BHKs. Thirty-eight units creating thirty- eight unique experiences with the tree they surround. By the way, the project also has 70% open space. We had to give the trees some room too.

The Team

“There are two kinds of teams really.”
“The usual kind. And ours.”

Master Plan

“The master plan is easy.”
“The first step: getting all the plans right. There is no second.”

Unit Plans

“40 apartments would have been nice.”
“But 38 turned out to be fabulous.”

Key Specs

“You know how to tell if a production’s going to be good?”
“Shine a spotlight backstage.”