Stratos - Contemporary condominiums in Bangalore

Design is the Difference

Welcome to your château – a free-floating form with a striking interplay of concrete & crystals, contemporary design homes in Bangalore.

The Central Pillar

An unembellished yet imposing concrete forms the core of Stratos. 3 BHK luxury apartments in Cunningham road.

While it is commonly believed that it takes more than just one pillar to support a building, our best-in-class technology has proved the age-old belief wrong! With our expertise and experience in creating and constructing world-class spaces, we have developed an unembellished yet imposing concrete structure. This structure is the "pillar of strength" that not only forms the core of Stratos but also transcends the boundaries of science, technology and creativity.

The Stratos floor plates are suspended from beams that extend from the top of the pillar. The cantilevered construction lifts the building off the ground, freeing up space at the ground level and giving Stratos its distinctive floating form. The pillar and its geometric capital accentuate the contemporary minimal aesthetic of each condominium.





Breaking the Walls!

Maximized space – Open Plan

Subtracting unnecessary walls, the lobby-living-dining-kitchen is a free flowing open plan design. Besides making room for more, it gives the living or public area within the condominium a deck-like feel, with its transparent facade making the trees as much a part of the interiors as the exteriors.

The Condominium Floors

The Condominium Floors – floor 1, 2, 3

Condominiums for the discerning, these centrally air conditioned and fully automated homes offer the best in the world.

With a complete floor for each condo and an open plan living area, the 2327 square feet three bedroom residences project a sense of space beyond their measure.

The Penthouse

The Penthouse Floor 4 + 5

The pièce de résistance, crowning the highest realm of Stratos is the 4654 square feet penthouse.

Sprawling across two floors, it is the ultimate in luxury living. Above the typical Stratos condominium lies the master suite complete with a fourth bedroom and a customizable space that can be used as a gym, studio or a private den opening out to a 752 square feet terrace.

Ground + Common Area

Ground + Common Area

The service area of Stratos is designed in tune with its overall spatial and aesthetic concept — whether it’s a car park or the security room. We recognize that every part of a space you call home shouldn’t just be accessible but also welcoming. Luxury apartments for sale in Cunningham road, Bangalore.


Inside, outside

The crystal façade

The facade is an alternating rhythm of floor plates and clear glass.

Natural light pours in with the extensive use of glass, allowing an enhanced perception of space and a close dialogue with lush trees that flank the property. While glass walls blur the line between the inside and the outside, multiple layers of screens afford privacy and keep sun and sound in or out, as the situation demands.

Glimpses of the Platinum Life

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