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The history of row houses: Decoded

For most 90s kids, their first tryst with row houses would have to be through the popular TV show ‘Full House’. Remember that iconic opening sequence where the camera opens to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco before it pans to the city’s...

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Vintage Decor that’s making a comeback

It is safe to say that the home decor you choose for your space is an intimate affair. Not only does it resonate with your personality and preferences, but it also paints a picture of your class and style. Whether it is bohemian decor depicting the f...

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A guide to solid waste management

Picture this: You have just bought a palatial flat in a sophisticated gated community. The facilities are great, the house is spacious, the neighbors are friendly, and everything beams with positivity. But, despite everything appearing so glossy and ...

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Fixed vs Floating Interest Rates For Your Home

Choosing a loan to invest in your dream home can be complicated, especially for first-time homebuyers. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a home loan is the interest rate. Potential home buyers have two ty...

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7 Most Inspirational interior design bloggers in India

The best thing about inspiration is that you can find it anywhere. It triggers your imagination and makes you want to create something better – a piece of art that you can call your own. Designing the interior of your home is like creating an intim...

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5 things to consider before buying second home in 2022

Buying a second home is twice as special. First, because you are investing the second time around, proving that your first investment was a good decision. Second, because you will now be the proud owner of two properties, with a steady income and lon...