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Design Ideas for your Kids’ room

Last Modified: 29 Jun 2021

Your kid’s imagination, possibilities, and dreams unfold within the space of their room. When their mind is boundless, we need to ensure that their space is designed to help them grow. 

Designing a child’s room requires a lot of versatility and imagination because your child’s tastes keep changing almost every day! Today, your child likes The Avengers, and tomorrow your child is fascinated by the solar system. So, how can you design a room keeping in mind your child’s preferences, while providing a safe, healthy bedroom environment conducive to intellectual growth and happiness? 

Here is a list of the ultimate kids room design ideas to turn your child’s bedroom into a magical wonderland: 

1. Customised themes: 

If your kid is drawn towards a certain cartoon character, or is fascinated by a certain book or a movie, customising their room accordingly is a great way to make your child fall in love with their space. Look out for characters, shows and books they speak excitedly about. Disney themes are extremely popular among kids today. You can have customised, themed wallpapers, as well as ceiling decorations, curtains, upholstery, carpets and more. Customised themes like Disney, Harry Potter, or Superheroes make your child feel like they’re in another world every time they enter their room!

2. Colours do more than decorate: 

Kids are visual thinkers, and each colour has the potential to incite an emotion among them. For example- while red is a bright colour, it might be too excitable whereas pink provides a warm, relaxing environment. Similarly, yellow and orange are colours that exude motivation and energy. Tones of purple bring serenity and creativity, so you can brush these across your child’s room if they love engrossing themselves in projects of their own imagination!

Balancing light and dark colours is also key, but most importantly make sure that your child’s room interiors use splashes of your child’s favourite colours!

3. Decals drive up the fun:

Wall decals are stickers that can be stuck to one of the walls to compliment the theme of the room. For example, in a Disney-themed room, you can add decals of Disney characters. If your child likes sports, you can add motivational quotes, and lyrics if they love music! Whatever they love, choose large wall decals that seamlessly flow into the theme of your children’s room interior. Other popular wall decal themes range from animals, nature, outer space, flowers and more.  

4. Plenty of room for play: 

Playing develops their imagination, leadership skills, and dexterity. Your kid’s interior design should only enable that! Create a spacious nook for your kids to spread out their toys. Their play area should not only reflect what they like to do, but who they are too. Adding a carpet, table with drawers, colourful chairs and pack-away boxes not only make your kid’s room design idea compact, but encouraging to pack their play away neatly as well! 

5. Choose Chalkboard backgrounds: 

Chalk doodles are a very innovative way to make your children’s room interior stand out. While you certainly don’t have to physically draw over the wall with chalk, you can get a chalkboard themed wallpaper that has a plethora of animated doodles your child will certainly enjoy! Chalk doodles are a unique touch to your kid’s interior design because it allows your kids to truly unwind and let loose in their own rooms!

6. Bookshelves for brighter days:

‘A child who reads becomes an adult who thinks’. This adage holds true even today. In an increasingly distracted and digital world, getting your kids to finish a book seems like a herculean task. But having access to a bookshelf increases your kid’s propensity to read. You can start small with pop-up books that allow them to touch, play and tell their own story. You can even regularly stock it up with interesting books that you can read along with them in your quality time together.

7. Bring in a slice of the outdoors:

Do your children love the outdoors but find it difficult to get the best of nature in your crowded city? A unique addition to your kid’s interior design plan is to make it rustic and earthy! Wooden furniture, wall fittings, wooden shelves, wooden wall panels, and even nice indoor plants for your children to take care of! Adding a dash of brown and green can turn your child’s bedroom into a mini forest cabin. What more, an experience of being around nature can soothe your child’s nerves and make them more adventurous! Additionally, this theme marries brilliantly with a modern indian house design

8. Lighten and brighten things up:

Often an overlooked aspect of kids room design ideas is the lighting you can experiment with. Lighting doesn’t just bring brightness, but focus and accentuation as well. Because this is for your children’s room interior, using colored lamps, neon lettering, fairy lights, motion sensor colored lighting and even funny shaped night lamps can make the room great to be in during the day and at night as well. A bonus lighting effect to match your kid’s interior design is to add glow in the dark ceiling accessories so they’re dreaming even before they fall asleep!

9. Foldable furniture: 

Foldable furniture is a smart way to teach your children that less is more! Kids need space to play and that’s not possible when heavy furniture occupies most of the children’s room interior. You can use a foldable bed, side tables, bookshelves, chairs and more. This is especially ideal when you’re living in an apartment in the city. 

10. Mark their growth:

Putting up a soft board to document things your growing kids have done over the years is not just one of the most quirky kids room design ideas, but a great progress tracker and confidence booster! On the softboard, you can even pin up notes for them to read on the days they’re feeling low, pictures that cherish your memories with them, and even doodles that they were proud of! 

With these ideas for your kid’s room interior design, you’re going to have as much fun as your child, while executing them! You can complement these ideas with the rest of your home using some top home decor tips

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