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Best Properties in North Bangalore To Invest In

It is a known fact that investing in a property adds tremendous value and prosperity within a short span of time. Before buying a new home, you need to do your research and understand the best properties within your preferred locality, and make an in...

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Apartment amenities: What to look for while buying

Searching for a new apartment means scouring the internet for hours to check for properties that meet your residential needs! We understand that it is imperative to search for necessities, such as a bedroom, proper kitchen set up, balcony, etc. Howev...

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10 Home Maintenance Tips That You Should Know!

We understand the feeling of relief once your property documentation and legal processes are done! While buying a new home may seem like a herculean task, home ownership does not just end there.  At first, home maintenance may seem intimidating ...

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Top IT Companies in Whitefield, Bangalore to Work

It’s no secret that the software boom in Whitefield has transformed the area into one of the most important tech hubs in Bangalore. Did you know that Whitefield has the highest number of tech parks than any other locality in Bangalore? These parks ...

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Child Safety at Home: Ways to Keep Your

We tend to associate the term ‘safety’ with places that we are most comfortable with, like our homes! However, a research study found that 54% of home injuries were from the age group of 1-3 years. This data suggests how imperative it is to re-co...

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Real Estate Terms You Should Know: The Ultimate

We understand how every industry has its jargon, and that real estate is no different!  There are a multitude of real estate terms and definitions out there, and it may add layers of confusion if you’re just starting to learn about the real es...